Tuesday, September 4, 2012

E-Readers at Otis Library

We are now offering e-readers to check out!

E-readers Lending Policy
  • Why are we offering this service?
To offer you an e-reader experience so you can make informed decisions should you decide to purchase one. You can decide whether this new technology delivers reading in a way that fits your lifestyle.

  • What kind of e-readers are available to check out?
    • 3 Nook Simple Touches
    • 1 Amazon Kindle Touch (has a text-to-speech function)
  • Who can borrow the e-readers?
Otis Library card holders (18 years and older) with a valid library card in good standing (less than 5.00 in fines) may borrow one e-reader at a time. You must have been a cardholder for at least six-months. Must provide a Picture ID, which we will take a photo copy of to hold with the User Agreement you signed.

  • How long can I keep an e-reader? And how many titles can I download?
14 Days with no renewal. You will need to wait a week before you can check out an e-reader again. Titles will be pre-loaded, with a selection that the Otis Library has purchased. Not all e-readers will have the same book selection on them. We tried to have a wider range of titles that would appeal to a variety of people.

  • Can I purchase e-books using the library’s e-reader?
No. You may not purchase any e-books using the library’s e-reader.

  • Can I reserve an e-reader?
No reservations. First come, first serve.

  • Do you offer instructions on how to use the e-reader?
We may supply e-reader manual- print out instruction- link to a tutorial video- download some titles on e-readers etc…We also offer one-on-one sessions that you may schedule with us.

  • Who do I return the e-reader to?
E-reader can only be returned to the library in person. There will be a fine of $10.00 if e-reader is returned in the book drop. There is a 5.00 late fee per day overdue.

  • User Cost
The reader is free to borrow. If the reader is borrow and damaged, you will be expected to replace the item. The charge for replacement is 150.00 for the Nooks and 200.00 for the Kindle.

We hope you enjoy your reading experience. This is a new service that we are offering, so we hope it runs smoothly! Please forward any comments or questions to Amanda abrouwer@otis.lioninc.org or call 860-889-2365 x109.

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