Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some sad news--(due to budget cuts)

In some of my previous posts and tweets @ct_referencelib on Twitter, I have mentioned our databases. Unfortunately, due to our lack of funding, the Otis Library has had to discontinue our subscriptions to Ancestry Library, JobNow Employment Guide, and Learning Express Career Guidance and Testing databases.

The loss of these databases really hits hard. The Ancestry Library was very heavily used and Otis was one of the few libraries in eastern Connecticut that had a subscription. The other two databases, also heavily used will be missed, especially, due to their nature and the current unemployment rates.

Obviously, we are not the only library or public entity to feel the pinch. It is very disheartening though when you have to tell someone that is newly unemployed or looking to take a practice test for an interview that, "we used to have this great database, but...". I do hope that things turn around quickly and we will be able to offer these services again in the future.

All is not lost though, we do have some great practice test books and we can show you some great websites where you can look for jobs and get employment information.

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