Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Job Of the Year: Librarian

Did you know that US News and World Reports cited Librarian as the job of the year? The article found here cites that Librarian is the Career for 2009!

After reading the article, I was surprised at how many the details were true, (for me at least). During any given day, I could be ordering books, answer an in-depth research questions, teaching a basic computer class or finding books somewhere else in the state. Other days I may be running back and forth between copier problems or faxing a letter or proctoring a test. So far, there really haven't been many dull moments at the library.

All in all, being a librarian is a great job (IMHO), and I'm glad to come to work.

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yabooknerd said...

I think it's the best job ever. I adore purchasing new books, having programs - like movie nights, making gingerbread houses, and book discussions. And I really do enjoy coming to work.