Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fine Free September at Otis Library

Attention Otis Patrons:

If you are too embarrassed to bring back your long overdue items, don't wait any longer!!! Starting September 1st at 9am and ending September 30th at 8pm, Otis Library will wipe those nasty fines away! We don't mind it if you drop them off in the book drop at the library, or the drops at Marcus Plaza, Dime Bank or Meadow Plaza. (Anything due before 2006 must be returned in person to get them cleared off their records.)

If those long overdue items have been staring at you from under the coffee table or have just fallen out of your child's back pack from June---don't worry we will let you get away with it for free!

Well, there is one thing...they must be in good working order. If they are falling apart you will need to pay the piper, or in this case the library. We do have some exciting databases, programs and items that you might like to check out in the future...and it would be so much easier if you just bite the bullet and clean up your library card.

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